Smart house

Smart house
Smart house

Smart house.

In the modern world, more and more requirements are imposed on a person’s home. Just as we today cannot imagine our life without a smartphone, computer and all kinds of digital gadgets. So a modern house of the 21st century cannot exist without an automatic control system. We live in a multifunctional building. This house has a large number of life support systems. All of these systems need control. A set of measures for the systematic control of systems in the house is called a smart home.

What does a smart home control?

To consider this question, a common man in the street will ask what to manage there. To begin with, let’s list the systems of a modern residential building that can control a smart home. Power supply, heat supply, water supply, sewerage, microclimate (temperature and humidity), lighting, household appliances, blinds, roller shutters, curtains, awnings, automatic, door locks, access control, landscape care products, fire protection systems, fire extinguishing and fire, video surveillance, pet care systems, water leakage sensors.

Where to begin?

The only way to calculate the construction budget and invest in the calculated cost is an integrated approach to design. First of all, it is necessary to work out a smart home control system. And it is possible to start designing individual systems only after coordinating the integration of this system into the overall control system. A large number of narrowly focused specialists are working on the design of various systems. In the terms of reference for the design, it is necessary to give instructions for the design of the system from the control.

Smart home where to start.

With a rational approach to the implementation of an integrated management system, it is necessary at the initial stage of the installation of channels and ducts for the installation and maintenance of cable products. Moreover, the channel and boxes must be taken very seriously. Since it should be possible to replace and upgrade the wiring after the completion of finishing work. This is a very important factor in the context of costly repairs.

You have to understand.

It is imperative that you understand the more complex the system, the more likely the possibility of a system failure. Of course, if you yourself have designed, implemented and adjusted the system, it will not be difficult for you to figure out any system failure. But provided that you are an ordinary user, it is necessary to conclude a contract for the maintenance and repair of this system. The more complex the system, the more reliable it must be.

The benefits of a smart home.

The long-awaited moment has come. The smart home control system is ready. You can analyze the capabilities of the system on individual systems:

Power supply

A very common cause of nervous breakdowns and all sorts of adventures, when leaving the house suddenly remember and whether I turned off the iron. And the vertical races begin. With a smart home system, you can not only control, but also manage the shutdown. You can de-energize the entire house or some of its systems. There is also the possibility of remote control of lighting.

Heat supply and microclimate

Regulation of air temperature and air exchange can be in manual or automatic mode. If you are away from home for a long time, you can put the house into sleep mode. Or you can create a comfortable temperature before your arrival. A predetermined level of energy and quality of the air mixture will be automatically maintained.

Water supply and sanitation

In the event of a water leak, the system will automatically cut off the water supply.

Access control and video surveillance.

In your absence, an acquaintance or an unfamiliar person came to you. Depending on your preference, you open the door and let him in or just talk. This will depend on your decision. But the fact that this can be done remotely speaks for itself. You can remotely view video surveillance from cameras.

Fire extinguishing system.

In the event of a fire hazardous situation, the system will automatically take measures to anticipate this situation and report its occurrence.

Landscape and pets

You can have pets, you feed him remotely. And if there is a lawn, the system will automatically turn on the irrigation system.


Smart home is a modern development trend in the era of digitalization of our life. Do you need this gadget? It’s up to everyone to decide. Someone will tell me why I need all this entourage. And the other will say super, I want such a system. I will say right away that the cost of a smart home control system is an expensive toy. You can decide you can afford a modern gadget — a smart home.


It is practically impossible to calculate the cost of a smart home without a well-developed technical task and the implementation of design and estimate documentation. But if, at the design stage, provide for the possibility of laying channels and ducts for a smart home control system, then in the future you can modify the system to fit your needs and wishes.

Thank you for reading the end. I design, install, set up smart home systems.