What is Data Center

The Data Processing Center (Data Center, Data Processing Center, Data Processing Center, Data Center) is a specialized building for hosting server equipment connected via network equipment to the global Internet. A large number of DCs are housed in public buildings and facilities. DC is a hazardous area. Therefore, the need to move DC outside buildings and structures is obvious. In other words, you need to link them in a separate, isolated room.

A similar experiment was carried out by Microsoft. Autonomous Project DC Natick successfully dives to the seabed near the Orkney Islands (Scotland) in the North Sea. The huge barrel contained 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of data. When the experiment was over, the barrel was raised to the surface. The idea turned out to be practical, reliable and energy efficient. It was this experiment that proved the consistency of DC autonomous deployment.

The experiment showed that DC can and should exist in the absence of external factors. This experiment is a striking example of this fact.

Factors affecting the data center.

There are many factors affecting the decrease in the reliability of server systems. Therefore, the primary guaranteed stable operation of the system is the duplication of communication networks. An important factor is the power supply. First of all, it is an uninterrupted power supply. In addition, maintaining the efficiency of the system during the period of complete power outages. In addition, one of the factors affecting the stability of the system is the temperature regime and the cleanliness of the air in the room. A fire hazardous situation may arise. After that, it is necessary to urgently eliminate not only the situation itself, but also the consequences. Personnel must be allowed to eliminate the consequences. Moreover, the staff of which has access. Likewise, the system must recognize the personnel for access at the moment.

Data center network and systems:

Cable, cellular and satellite communication networks
Power supply
Maintaining a microclimate
Fire alarm and extinguishing
Surveillance video
Access control
Grounding and lightning protection


In conclusion, let us summarize all of the above.
Place the Data Center specifically in a special room. The room must be self-contained. A self-contained room has a number of advantages such as mobility and resilience.
Mandatory duplication of communication networks. Despite the presence of two independent cable lines, there must be duplication of communication channels both through cellular and satellite communications.
The power supply of the data processing center must be performed according to category 1 with the use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), as well as an autonomous generator of electrical energy. The data center must be isolated from the external environment.
A prerequisite is maintaining the microclimate, in particular temperature and humidity.
If a fire hazard occurs in an individual element, the entire system must continue to work. A video surveillance system is required to control the interior.
Zone access control is also required.
To ensure electrical safety, potential equalization, neutralization and grounding systems, as well as lightning protection are required.

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